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Viber Phones Bone Conductive Headphones

Viber Phones Bone Conductive Headphones

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Viber Phones bring the best technology to the table with the waterproof, Bluetooth headphones that adopt advance bone conduction technology, which transmits sound to your auditory center through the skull to maintain the fidelity of the sound to the greatest extent. Bone conduction can achieve clear sound reproduction in a noisy environment.

This open-ear headset can deliver sound through your cheekbones to your cochlea. If you want to hear audio and also be aware of your surroundings, then these bone conduction headphones are for you. It's much safer for running, cycling, hiking or driving while answering calls.

The latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip brings stronger and faster connection, and it is truly wireless to make yourself free from cable mess. Supporting a variety of Bluetooth-compatible devices, including smart watch, tablet, iOS or Android devices... Viber Phones bone conduction earphones are designed to be hung behind the ears and have a simple and stylish looks. 

The Open-ear design of Viber Phones bone conduction earphones help you achieve a true painless and harmless listening experience. You don't need to put the earphones in the ear canal, so your ears will not feel sore and painful, even if you listen to music for whole day. Viber Phones prevent your ear canal from injury. It is a good choice for music lovers.

Viber Phones are Waterproof and Sweatproof which make them an excellent choice for runners and swimmers.

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